Thursday, May 1, 2008

AC, Get ready cuz here I come......

Hi ya'll! On the road again..... Monday started out as a ordinary travel day - "just what do you consider ordinary???" Gulfport to Houston in the little Continental silver bullet. Flying through the air, with the greatest of ease... until wheels down, then my life began to change, even before I got there. It seems that mother nature was placing a spin on my adventure to the east coast, my plane already additional 1 hour delayed before I touched down was already in the works.
Meeting up with two lost lonely Agilysys team souls, and a 3 1/2 hour lay over - " a nice ride on the extended SUV golf cart through the airport terminal with the "redneck riding shotgun produced many giggles as announced out loud - "Get out of the way, cart coming through.." I was told to be polite, and no beep, beep replication noises from the passenger side, I add please to my 'traveling announcements..... "get out of the way, cart coming through, slower traffic to the right .... pleeez...

It was time to jet to the outside elements to burn one. Well, one of the "other" traveling butt head walked right out the door with nothing but her cigarettes!!! No ID, no boarding pass - NOTHING. Try this stunt in a busy airport, and see what happens. The southern charm was whipped out and throunced on "Larry the TSA agent", and the security dance began for her to make it back into the terminal. I have NEVER in my Life been able to gain access to such a secured environment without any form of ID. Thanks Judy for the laugh and adventure to see if we could pull this one off. We did.

Finally arriving in Philadelphia, over 3 hours late, jumping into a rental car and headed toward sinner city - in the pouring down rain. We made it safe and sound. Arriving into my room, I was greeted by my bribery of 'its gonna be a long week' gift... all the ingredients for my Favorite - Rum Smashes!!!! I'm working to the end of the day to start the festivities in my room of "all you can drink".... and I don't have to DRIVE!
Trump housekeeping is completely stunned as my second night here, after one drink I realized No ashtrays, in a smoking room, contacted them to announce "I've been robbed!" As there was no caller at the other end, I added "I have no ashtrays!" They were more than happy to accommodate my request. (I can just imagine the conversation after the lady hung up the phone - there's a nut in 4019 that doesn't have ashtrays)
The last 2 days were a blur, but arriving to my temporary home to be met at the door - a nice cool libation. After 2, the day wasn't that bad.
Well Wednesday evening returning from a long day - ALL interfaces up and running!!!! PARTY! We all decided to order room service and spend the evening going over the events of the Go Live. Many circumstances of laughter could have caused a security episode, but we made it through without an incident. 6 people laughing and telling stories, it was amazing.

I am looking forward to returning home, jumping on the twins; that is after I go to the bank and take out a loan application as its gonna take that much to fill them up. 37 gallons, you've got the figure. BUT, its all worth it! I will be slathering up with SPF 2000, as last weekend only 3 hours on the water produced a first burn of the season. My face is peeling while on property. I have officially been renamed, lizard lady! The property here is just really enjoying my southern charm.

My last day on site, was almost like at the end of High School graduation. Hugs, and enjoyed it rang out from the Trumpaneers gang. Well, most of them. Yes, I think after a 4 day stay of working long hours, side by side, I had become their southern moss, " I began to grow on them!"
Thanks goes out to all of the team that worked together that made this conversion run smooth. One down, two more to Go!
See ya'll again soon, "same bad time, same bat channel!"