Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bienvenido a Miami

Ah, the thought of "hangin out with Horatio" in CSI Miami... my thoughts fade to jetskiis running through the blue water canals, swamp everglades with alligators, and Hummer vehicles... Yes, I'm sitting in my seat on an airplane, butt-crack of dawn flight... with the faint sound of the song, "I'm going to Miami"... 52 mins wheels up til wheels down I've just completed my first leg of my flight. Good morning Memphis. Still another 2 1/2 hour flight to go, I'm begging for the caramel colored hot water that perks me up - Coffee... and I need a carafe!

Another song bounces through my head as I look at my ticket... "we're flying FIRST CLASS"... up in the skys, poppin champagne, livin the life." no this isn't the life. Who in their right mind would be on such an early flight... heck consider myself Early to Work!! Just get nap times in between!
Landing in Miami, hmmm, hot and humid. More than I'm use to. Headed to the Indian resort, and WOW, what do I see? (no, its not 8 tiny lil reindeer???) its a RAINBOW!!! It's been such a long time since I've seen one, the magical moments just makes me smile.

So, you wonder what adventure was the high life of my travel? FIRST ONE was realizing I didn't have any cash, my normal routine was.. cashing a check. Advice - DON"T!!! 250. and the cashier handed me back.... 237.50... a $12.50 fee to cash my check. At this point I'm beginning to turn red. What?? I've never heard as such. In all the casino travels I've encountered, nothing like this has ever happened. The only reason I'm cashing a check, as I'm trying to beat the ATM fees. The audacity of someone "charging me" to get "MY MONEY!" Ask my account officer at Hancock Bank. She probably hates to see my number come up on the caller ID. Well, $3.00 transaction fee, and a note to self - "call Sharon at Hancock Bank and plead your case for a refund".

That out of the way, we stop at the casino bar for after hour cocktails... and...keeheehee, they have ALL the mixins! Yep RumSmashin it this trip. A star was redeemed for the property with this discovery.

Chatting with the employees, I just can't help myself. I had to find out how to say, "You've got a hot body" in Spanish.... the majority of the staff was Spanish speaking, and I could have kicked myself for not taking a class in high school. As my southern accent just really messed up the English, all of the staffers just smiled at me....consider it "Cougar time"....
And the meal deal of the century - Steak and Lobster for $6.95. Yep, I thought the Spanish accent was off until I saw the menu myself. Inquiring in the restaurant, t was "about" 3oz each. At that weight, the lobster was just about the size as one of our jumbo shrimp. Yeah, I knew there was a catch.
All in all, it was a nice trip. I can honestly say I enjoyed my air boat ride through the everglades. Really enjoyed being on the other side of the fence from a 12ft. gator. It was neat to see the animal up close and watch him descend underwater. Perused Miami Beach and checked out South Beach, but was really happy to get to the airport, snuggle into the first class cabin, and nap again the whole way home.

Until next time..... Paz hacia fuera!