Thursday, September 11, 2008

Redneck Goes to Washington - Hussy Hanah Follows

Well after re-booking my flights, I'm headed to Dulles Airport in Washington DC. This is the closest I think I've been or shall I say, wanted to be to our President, and I'm not sure if he's even Home!

The travel via the airport was pretty good. This was my first travel with my "New IPod!" Hibbey has brought me into the 21st century! All my music at my finger tips! Swwweettt! Having lost sleep due to Gustav, I plugged those puppies in, ripped off the knob, and Slept the entire way!!! (I was doing my imitation of Mark Phelps!) I highly recommend everyone get one. Of course, you run the chance of missing out on a conversation with your seating partner, which sometimes, is not a bad thing.

Arriving in the "Historic Charles Town", I was greeted by plenty of smiles, as the Agilysys team was Happy to see me. And I them. I got to meet and greet the new Agilysys person - Diana Erickson - now, you talk about my accent!? She is a real nice person, and funny too. I'm attaching a picture of us at the front desk counter. Only we know if she was standing on a box???? Or was it Brandon? Thanks Diana for the laughter and memories. Now just who won the smoking contest? Peggy started it!!!!

We headed to what I now know, our permanent watering hole - Ruby Tuesdays. It turned into Ruby Wednesdays, Ruby Thursdays, and Ruby Fridays! Well, we broke in all 3 bartenders during our travel to make the infamous Rum Smashes. The votes are in, Thursdays employee made the Top List!
For all the Rum Smash fans, you'll love this: Friday, they were setting up alittle lounge in the corner of the lobby. As I kept passing by through-out the day, I would inquire on the inventory, "do you have Creme de Noyeaux?", yes. Another pass would reveal the inventory included, "Creme de Banana". By the time 4:pm arrived, they had all of the ingredients - wwwhhhheeewww!

There were several of us that hadn't eaten all day, so we went to "Fabulous Fridays" and ate. On our way back, we decided we would do our due diligence and check out the lobby scene. Propping myself on the new bar stool, I requested the drink. After rattling off the ingredients, and ended with Shaken not stirred", I was met with "State law says that you can only serve one ounce of liquor in a drink!" What???? So it seems if your ever in a Casino in West Virginia, you will not get a "Long Island Ice Tea". An Apple martini was had, and I headed up to organize my room and suit case.

I was awaken by the TV stating, "we just encountered our first feeder band", just where am I???? Hussy Hannah was starting to effect the east coast. Contacting Delta, I was able to rebook my flight to get out before the weather set in. On driving to the airport under the cover of darkness, and in a delirious state I had to laugh, as the radio announcer stated, We are under a tropical storm warning! I thought only in the south.

Arriving in Gulfport, my bag did not make it. Now, my bag when weighed in at Washington, weighed 37lbs. (Hard to believe, but true) Now I am well over 37lbs overweight, and I was able to make it from one terminal to the other to catch my flight. My bag did not. Why is that? Hmmmm.

Helpful hints from Heloise - "when you have a smell in your vehicle, and need to get rid of it - place charcoal briquettes out, and it will soak up the moisture and odor. It works!!!! Now, I do have enough charcoal on the floor of my car to "grill a steak" when I remove it. As my mother always said " waist not want not"...... so I'm grilling Wednesday! Take care and until next travel time.........

Peace Out!

Gustav Gone

For the redneck weather watch update.....

Gustav is gone, We lost power early Monday morning. We resorted to the good ole trusty dusty 5"battery operated Black and White TV for all weather updates. When the winds died down, Dave helped tote the generator to the front porch, and Wala.... POWER!!!!
For all of you Southerners, Carrie Duncan lost 30 lbs INSTANTLY!!! Going from a 5" to a 50" screen. Even though we were out electricity wise, we still had cable!!!!! This is a blessing in disguise, as we were able to see all stations around the area, to keep up with the storm.

Even though there was reports of flooding, none of my family was effected. Minor damage was realized early in the morning around 11:am, when the horn on my SUV started screaming!!!!! I couldn't figure out what it was, but did see a beer can fly by about the time the horn started to sound. All attempts to shut it up with the remote were hopeless. Well, had to run out to see what was going on, and saw the driver side window was GONE! It evidently had been exposed to the elements for quite some time, as the driver side was extremely soaked.. On further investigation revealed the worse! USER ERROR! ARRRRR!!!! It seems that 'the driver' LEFT the driver side window down from the last trip out the night before.
GEEEZ!!!! Let me just say, if all electrical items are not working, it will headed to the dealership, awaiting a trade-in. Guess we all know who got the "Here's your sign" award on that one!?!?!

Melanie decided to break out the Jaegermeister, to dedicate the moment. It was very short lived in my book, as the first swig brought back all of the flashbacks of the before memories of Hurricane Katrina and the events that surrounded that.Whheww!

Anyway, all is well at the homestead. A friend of mine's son came over yesterday, and picked up all of the small limbs in the yard - "thinkin of John Deere".

As always, everyone banded together, hunkered down, and made it through a nerve racking event, Thanks goes out to everyone that donated their time, and efforts to the preparation "Get er done,got er did!" No doubt about it, that's what I love about the South! Thanks for the prayers, thoughts, and calls as well, ,

I am now traveling to Washington - Dulles, then rental my way down to West Virginia. Will be back late Saturday night, if Hannah leaves me alone!!!

Gustav's starting to Gust.......

Greetings from the deep south! As ya'll are very aware, the Gulf Coast kinda went into "Preparation mode" in the middle of the week. Well, everyone's biggest fear started to be a realization on Friday, the 3rd Anniversary of Katrina. This storm has given a new dimension into Hurricane Preparation. PANIC MODE! With numerous sightings of Jim Cantore at the IP spread rapidly like a Wild Forest Fire. So bad, it showed up on sunherald. com. Gosh, these rednecks will stop at nothing to get their name in the paper. Real bad joke for everyone here on the Coast.

Well, I can actually say, I've got a bunch of Gas! (thinking it can go into the jetskiis if necessary), All windows are boarded, candles, batteries, the ol' famous 5" Black and White TV, food, drink, a working generator (WE NEVER EXPECTED to use that thang again),all prescription refilled, and oh let's not forget the well thought out plan of the trip to the Liquor Store!!!! Yep, us southerners are bunkered down tight!!!!
Trust me, NO one in their right mind would have these types of plans for the 'Labor Day weekend'.

All the hustle and bustle, gave way to a quick 4 hours of fun on Saturday. Joe Mosko rolled in to board up his house, and gave 'the twins' their own hiding place from the storm - in his garage. For that we had to take them out. We did take a spin down the industrial canal, and Saturday afternoon already landed several shrimp boats harboring from danger. Hmmm, this storm is really coming.

After all items were completed the boarded, banged, and bo bo's bandaged, we took a ride to the Industrial bridge to look, If I could only get a good picture of this at night - Shrimp boats, big, little, commercial lined both banks of the canal, with all lights burning. An eerie, and a beautiful site. No matter how many times I have seen it, it still takes my breath away.

And you ask, what am I still doing here?? Well, Frank sums it up nicely. "Kaye will leave if her parents do. She's not leaving without them." Yep, he's right. Knowing all I know, what I've gone through, I'm not leaving without my family. It's all good, and I'm sure alot of people really understand.
So, riding the storm out, its now 6:am Monday morning, and we're really starting to feel the effects. Normally we have lost power by this time, and are reduced to the 5" TV, but all is well. Am getting the reports of alot of tornados floating around.

Please say your prayers for us. The sun is starting to appear, so we can now see what's coming at us.
Take care, and we'll let you know how it goes.
A special thanks to my bosses, and everyone that has called, and expressed their concern and wishes for safety for my family and friends here!