Monday, August 16, 2010

21's in Los Wages

It began like any normal flying day, but this time was alittle different.... "I was on Vacation!"... oh yeah, and Had 5 twenty-one year olds with me.. This was not normal!!!
Up and at em' 4:30am on a Monday morning. Shower, and pack, ready to go to Las Vegas!!! Now, I have been on numerous occasions, but this time packing my nearest and dearest to my heart, what was I going to do with them? My usual activities were going to be somewhat curtailed...

Everyone at the airport, now I am in charge of these girls, I do my count, 1,2,3,4,5... all there... Time to board the plane, 1,2,3,4,5... all on. All smiles, and happy!!! 35mins into the flight... I turned to check and see if someone snuck out... "All crashed out!!! 1,2,3,4,5!" Ha, I think to myself - this is going to be a breeze!

Gpt to Memphis, then on to LAS.. wow, tour director status becomes alittle to juggle. "I want food", "I don't want this, I'm going to find another place to eat", "where is the Starbucks?" ok, now I'm looking for my xanax, for gosh sakes, its only 7:30am in the mornin!!! ( I don't function well, until my 3.5 cups of cheap, generic roasted beans that produce caramel colored juice we call coffee, and only for $2.00..) One run to "The Blue Note" to burn one, then multiple stops at other venues, Starbucks, etc. Surely I couldn't lose them in the Memphis airport...hmmmm....
Headed rapidly to the gate, I evidently pass up the 1,2,3,4,5 as I hear "all zones boarding" over the PA system.... Smart kids, they are so excited, they have already loaded onto the plane. ... Good. Thinking to myself, all is well, as I am seated in first class, grab a bloody Mary and forget about them for 4 hours... I was oh, so wrong!!!I My cell rings,, great its Rachel - she has my laptop, so I need to know what seats they are in. WAIT!,... "Do you know where your laptop is?" starts the conversation.....this isn't a prank call ..... they are still outside, waiting to board the plane! Crud, I've already misplaced them, and its not even 9:am....
Touchdown! We are in the land of Lost Wages... very excited, first thang on the list, "gotta go to the sign. The famous sign"... never went before, cuz I KNEWW where I was... but hey tourist events... loading up the suburban, we're off!!! Vegas here we come. Our Hall monitor, Ashley, already organized brochures when getting into the room, quick drop off, and out the door the kids go. They have found a bus that drops at about 16 casino attractions. The only way I knew their where abouts was refreshing Facebook! These kids are uploading pics left and right... seeing the smiles, they've only been here for 4 hours, the smiles were priceless!!
Gambling, sightseeing, roll a coasters, pictures with Elvis and the Broadway ram diction of "The Lion King" was in their folio. These 5 young ladies packed in alot for 3 days! I wouldn't have traded the world to be in the vacation seat I was in. Watching these young ladies faniggle their monies, getting the most out of there time was truly priceless! Some people say I am crazy, but hey, I can say it was one of the best times in Vegas I experienced in awhile.
I got to see several friends while in town. Sushi with Becky and Amy! Great pick you ladies, and had a blast. Hope you enjoyed dinner with the clan. Another visit, Lu met me at the hotel for drinks. Coming through the lobby, I see her and she is holding a bag for me! A PRESENT! A big bag for a little happy that was inside. I almost went to tears, as I open the bag, in a little zip lock is something that I thought I would never see again. A baseball hat from the "Dizzy Dolphin" complete with surfboard stirrers... bright YELLOW( a conversion done at AC Hilton)... matches from.. I couldn't believe it... "Grand Casino", same logo pin. These items I thought lost forever destroyed by the storm! What a gift!!!

A nice evening catching up, and cacklin' about old times. Yes thangs have changed, we have lived and grown through these experiences! (More grown out for me!)
No hairy moments, just fun, but mom's, I am bringing them home, BEAT!!! Up and at em' Thursday morning, instructions be in the lobby at 9:am. All there, loaded into the vehicle we're out of there! Dropping off the rental, we are now on bus to the airport, and I can see them all.... the faces, small smiles, and heavy eyes... yep, they are gonna sleep good tonite!
Over the next few days, they come and go, hearing the laughing outside on the porch, the stories they are telling to their friends.... yep, they had a fun time....
I'm just waiting for the statement.... "and where are we going next year?".
One statement can depict this trip... " A good time was had by all!"

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Superbowl MardiGras Singapore Mambo - Hell Freezeth Over!

Alright you Saints fans and believers we DID IT! 43 years, and we are now known as the Goodwill Ambassadors. Pretty soon Ya’ll will be printed in the Webster’s dictionary. Are ya’ll still HIGH? I am!!! Still! The neighborhood will never be the same. Just that my neighbors would be happy to know, I blew off All my big fireworks after the game.

Last week headed to the Bahamas, I wore my Saints shirt proudly!!! Wrong move. if you want to sleep during your flights, or have a solitary cigarette, “Don’t wear a Saints shirt the day after Super Bowl through a crowded airport”. Oh, it was all good. Even kids were shooting me the “thumbs up” as I trotted down the corridors. Could have been a lot worse, I could have been a Colts fan. (keeheehee) It was a real quickie down in the Bahamas, as I headed back to “down South” Thursday. Getting ready for Mardi Gras. The Gulfport parade was great. The OMG crew was back together again. Parade over, beads heavily hanging from the neck, we headed to the house for the Shrimp boil!! Everyone seemed to have a good time.

Now, getting back to Hades at 6:30am. Back on a plane Thursday headed to Singapore, we are literally stuck at the wondrous Gpt/Biloxi Regional International Airport. If it wasn’t for the one woman show at “Delta, Delta, Delta, may I help you, help ya, help ya counter.”, one lady getting out 2 planes 30 mins apart, and oh by the way, did I mention she wore the hat of “luggage Dept.”, and oh, a new department – De-icing Department. I would not lie to you.
Yes we are down south, and we are awaiting to be “de-iced” to start our flight. So at 8:am, we have taken so long to get ready, the De-icier broken, we are faced with the wings into the sun, to get mother nature to help us along. Another freak of nature, and I BELIEVE it was due to the Saints, as many people have said for many, many years, the Day the Saints win the Super bowl, hell will freeze over…. Well Gulfport was feeling the effects, and it wasn’t from that rodent up north!

31 hours, almost all of flight time, to get around the world to 88 degree muggy weather. It was quite funny to read the Immigration card, as it said “Death to Drug Traffickers”. Wow, what a direct statement. I am just wondering what do they do with someone that have entered into the country with contraband – 9 packs of cigarettes. Sorry mom! Oh I tried to declare them, and went to the Red Line at customs. That led me right out the front door, so I just jumped in a cab to head to the hotel. Don’t worry, they will be gone as it will be a hectic week.

We have had many discussions on the “Laws of Singapore” – chewing gum is one of them. The international expert cab driver has confirmed, it’s legal to carry it in, I just can’t resell. This is a good thang. A good sleep, thanks to my Xanax’s I’m ready to venture out of the room and check out the sites. To all of those constituents’ of our Laos travel, snickers were in order, as one of my stop over’s was in Narita Tokyo. The European “holes in the floor” – hey toothpick! OK, maybe I was delirious with not enough sleep, but it seems I can’t remember where the smoking lounges are in the Atlanta airport, but walked right to the one in this airport. In the midst of burnin’ one, 20 hours since the last one, an Asian accent over the loudspeaker announcing the Delta flight 619 ready for boarding at Gate 25, then came the worse, “The S word followed by my last name to report to Gate 25 for departure”…. Under my breath stating “I’ll be there once I finish smoking this cigarette”. Imagine me, “Internationally known”. Thank goodness they are watching out for me. A much better plane – A330 – I now have my own TV in the headrest. The last plane, well let me just say, it was like camping. Bring your own stuff. No nice little bag with ear plugs, face mask, or the cute little toothbrush with the small tube of toothpaste! Don’t you worry, I was packin my own, the little girl scout I am.

I ask that my friends back home, if you get a chance, just give my parents a buzz, as I do talk to my parents several times during the day. I never fixed the wireless router, and she does not, or won't check email. Give them my love. I am wanting to send a post card, and have my Forever stamps with me. Then giggled as I am sure those Forever stamps aren’t going to work over here. Guess I should have purchased the “Anywhere” Stamps.

Peace out until next time.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bienvenido a Miami

Ah, the thought of "hangin out with Horatio" in CSI Miami... my thoughts fade to jetskiis running through the blue water canals, swamp everglades with alligators, and Hummer vehicles... Yes, I'm sitting in my seat on an airplane, butt-crack of dawn flight... with the faint sound of the song, "I'm going to Miami"... 52 mins wheels up til wheels down I've just completed my first leg of my flight. Good morning Memphis. Still another 2 1/2 hour flight to go, I'm begging for the caramel colored hot water that perks me up - Coffee... and I need a carafe!

Another song bounces through my head as I look at my ticket... "we're flying FIRST CLASS"... up in the skys, poppin champagne, livin the life." no this isn't the life. Who in their right mind would be on such an early flight... heck consider myself Early to Work!! Just get nap times in between!
Landing in Miami, hmmm, hot and humid. More than I'm use to. Headed to the Indian resort, and WOW, what do I see? (no, its not 8 tiny lil reindeer???) its a RAINBOW!!! It's been such a long time since I've seen one, the magical moments just makes me smile.

So, you wonder what adventure was the high life of my travel? FIRST ONE was realizing I didn't have any cash, my normal routine was.. cashing a check. Advice - DON"T!!! 250. and the cashier handed me back.... 237.50... a $12.50 fee to cash my check. At this point I'm beginning to turn red. What?? I've never heard as such. In all the casino travels I've encountered, nothing like this has ever happened. The only reason I'm cashing a check, as I'm trying to beat the ATM fees. The audacity of someone "charging me" to get "MY MONEY!" Ask my account officer at Hancock Bank. She probably hates to see my number come up on the caller ID. Well, $3.00 transaction fee, and a note to self - "call Sharon at Hancock Bank and plead your case for a refund".

That out of the way, we stop at the casino bar for after hour cocktails... and...keeheehee, they have ALL the mixins! Yep RumSmashin it this trip. A star was redeemed for the property with this discovery.

Chatting with the employees, I just can't help myself. I had to find out how to say, "You've got a hot body" in Spanish.... the majority of the staff was Spanish speaking, and I could have kicked myself for not taking a class in high school. As my southern accent just really messed up the English, all of the staffers just smiled at me....consider it "Cougar time"....
And the meal deal of the century - Steak and Lobster for $6.95. Yep, I thought the Spanish accent was off until I saw the menu myself. Inquiring in the restaurant, t was "about" 3oz each. At that weight, the lobster was just about the size as one of our jumbo shrimp. Yeah, I knew there was a catch.
All in all, it was a nice trip. I can honestly say I enjoyed my air boat ride through the everglades. Really enjoyed being on the other side of the fence from a 12ft. gator. It was neat to see the animal up close and watch him descend underwater. Perused Miami Beach and checked out South Beach, but was really happy to get to the airport, snuggle into the first class cabin, and nap again the whole way home.

Until next time..... Paz hacia fuera!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Wazzup my friends? I know this is for my travel adventures, however, someone the other day asked me, "You haven't been traveling?" Been missing your adventures. Well, I've been out on the road, but I really have missed hearing from alot of you guys, the peanut gallery comments.
Yes, went to Sands Bethworks, PA, and even up to Niagara since the last time I posted. No big funnies through the airport, or on location. Just gettin her done, quick trips.

I even have been privileged to get the official title of "Great Aunt". We all knew I am a great aunt, however my eldest niece has given us a baby boy - Braeden Emanuel. Mom, dad, and lil one are doing fine. I'm waiting for my niece to send more pictures, but you have to smile, as this is the new one on the block.......

OK, well to the other passion of my life, as all of my friends are gonna love this one. My bottled up energy has led me to have to go buy a new weed eater. OH yes, I think one of my nephews, adopted or real, that have been my yard boys this summer, believe they did not mix the oil correctly for the weed eater.

So off to LowesT I go. "I'm gonna get me a weed eater, with attachments! wheeeew. I surfaced out of the "EXIT" doors with a $308. weed eater with those nice detachable edger, and bushwhacker babies. YEAH! I'm even envying myself.
With the stress at work I picked Tuesday to try it out. I'm gonna cut the weeds behind my property. My brand new 2stroke by my side, even had a body strap, as it is quite heavier then the last, I started whackin away. Within less than my lunch hour, I had managed to "burn up this brand new weed eater". It's a Troy-bilt for gosh sakes. FURIOUS. Back to the store I go. This thang is less than 3 days old, and its broke. I want a new one!!!
The return desk Lady said, we'll replace it, go get another one. Well rounding the corner, only to discover, no 2 strokes in site. Only thang on the shelf ... a brand new 4 cylinder, top of the line Troy-bilt for my taking. Dear mother of Moses, I've hit the lottery! Quickly gathering my justifying response to the clerk, "if I have to, you can just replace it with that last one on your shelf, but it has to fit the other attachments still out in my car. " DONE, Lowe's just trying to make the customer happy. but I'm FREAKIN ESTASTIC!!!! Wow, just what I wanted the first time around, but Obama wasn't running the "Whackin weeds not your wallet" program. (I am still waiting on the "Funds for flat screens" program.)
In the last 24 hours, " I have Edged my driveway and walk, did mom and dad's house, even the curb, and also a friends yard". Yes, I like it, I love it, I want some more of it!!!
The simple thangs make us happy!!! It's great for relieving the stress, however, there is the side effects of the shakes from using that edger. It probably wasn't meant to do three driveways and sidewalks in less than two hours. Oh, its sweet. You've got to get one of your own.
Oh well, until next wacky adventures, glad I could spend some time with ya. Peace out.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Motley Crew Returns to US

"We're leaving today, we're leaving today!" You would have thought it was Christmas morning... everyone even though tired, was very perky, and ready to go. Up, showered, shaved, packed, and out of the rooms before 8:am. We all know it in our hearts, "We're going home!" Even though its going to be a long travel, Agilysys employees are millering around the courtyard, trying to help their fellow team mates, with last minute items.
The White van appeared in the courtyard, and everyone started falling in line. Load the bags, hugs to the hotel staff that we have become acquainted with, and into the van we go.

The short ride to the first border - out, with passports in hand, in single file, for the first stamp to show our Visas for Laos are now marked "USED". Back in the fan, as we are officially out of Laos, and crossing no mans land to the Thailand border - only several yards away. Out, with passports in hand, in single file, for the next stamp to enter into Thailand. Yeah, we're getting closer. Standing in the staging area, as Border patrol is practicing their search and seizure procedures. NOW, the knot in the stomach quickly forms, as we're informed - the driver cannot pass into Thailand. We're stuck!!! Yep, quickly foundling for the disposable phones - they don't work!!! We can't call back to anyone for assistance. The van driver is running back and forth between the check points, and talking on his cell phone, there is nothing we can do.
Now, the flashback of the early training sessions, just steps away are playing through our minds. All we have is souvenirs, and tired worn out bodies. That's it. Does the words "Midnight Express" mean anything to you??? That was on continuous replay through our minds.
You can tell the first indication of being scared, as we are very quiet, not speaking to one another, just watching our driver bounce back and forth like a tennis match in person. Finally the other white knights in the distance appear, as they are the other drivers manager coming to bail him out. It seems that he didnot have the proper paperwork to cross the border. Whheew, now the driver is shooting us a thumbs up, as it seems to have been resolved. We're all feeling better. Finally back into the van, we are moving to our first drop off - Ubon. A real hotel!!! And Western Food!!! Cheezburger, cheezburger!!!
The team is ready to get to our prospective homes. We know its going to be a long trip, and we start splitting up in Bangkok, but for now - we are all smiles!

Oh the lessons we have learned during these 2 weeks. The 7 of us have been real close, like family. We have experienced another culture, and have gained great respect for the people we have worked with. A project that everyone has worked hard for 3 weeks to make this a success! Language barriers was the hardest for me. As everyone knows - I haven't spoke "True English" in years!!! Ya'll was the hardest to take out - as slang does not translate. I worked hard, and at the end of the day, well 2 days of troubleshooting class - it seems to have paid off. We'll see.
Take care everyone, and we'll catch you on the next trip

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Welcome to the Jungle

Hello everyone! Each dawning of a new day, just brings on another adventure. At this point, I'm considering that we're in the running with "Indiana Jones". Up by 5:45am, bathing, and dressing to get to the front of the courtyard, drink a cup of coffee, to be prepared for the shuttle to the casino - pick up 7:13am. Ya'll are not gonna believe this, however, there is no "real coffee" located on this continent!!!! My 3.5 functioning level has gone Kapute! It's instant coffee; I believe I'm gonna start moving to tea, to stabilize my normal intake of caffeine!

Our bungalows consist of "a front porch" - a southern commodity, then a bedroom - not so big, and the bathroom. Now that is really interesting, as I have two buttons in one on the top of the toilet. I've been pressing both, thought it was a sure way to make sure all has gone. WELL, the technology is, you can make a choice. If one, press the right one - 1/2 a tank of water. If two, press the left side - full tank of water. I haven't had any signs of issues, but sure have been giving their pipes a true work out.

At first glance in my bathroom, there is a 17gallon trash can against the wall. (Keg size), with a dog water bowl on top. Thought this was odd, and have been looking for the dawg every since. This is not the case. Again, culture change, as it is used for daily bathroom functions - flush and bathing. Again, I'm overloading the system, as I am taking baths. Some of us here have showers, and some of us have bathtubs. I'm just thankful, as I have hot water.
The casino is having a hard time, as they are rebuilding everytime someone is let go. They had a nice road behind the casino, but have torn it up, as they forgot to place the electrical cables underneath the ground. They have the largest pool in Southern Lao. The nationality height is approximately 5ft. The pool is 6ft deep, and we hear that no one can swim here. Soooo, they are talking about filling it in with rocks. I say, just don't fill it up all the way. But who am I.

Well, a possible international incident was on the horizon. We have changed our currency to Baht. The locals use Kip, so we are constantly being shown calculators, as they are converting from Kip to Baht. The local taxis are called Tuk Tuks. ITs basically 3 wheeled motorcycles with a seating bed on the back. We requested a ride to the market yesterday, "souvenir shopping". Well, we were dropped off at the downtown market. We all knew we were headed in the wrong direction - but agreed to try it out. After a quick walk around, it was mostly food and ladies trying to sell Viagra to the guys, so we decided to go back to the hotel and regroup for another try. Well, the Tuk Tuk drivers will quickly approach you if you look confused and offer a ride. The whole deal on this is "you have to negotiate" how much. I became quickly disgruntled as we could not decide on a price, and communication barrier, we just walked away. One followed us out of the market, and the negotiations began. The price we decided on multiplied by 4 by the time we arrived at the hotel. They put it in kip - then try and convert to Baht - then it gets multiplied. I was not happy, as I negotiated 80 Baht, getting out - it turned to Kip with fingers pointing to all of us... OK - 100 Baht, just paid it and walked away.
When we decided to try this again, we did better, as we negotiated with ANOTHER tuk tuk driver pulled right behind the "rip off artist", for 300 baht - take there, wait for us, then back.
He turned out to be really nice. He took us to the wrong market at first, but we located the right one on the way back. Back at our hotel, loaded with several authentic items to this part of the country, we were happy. Beerlao time!!! Now, just so ya'll know - I have reverted to beer, as if they don't have bottled water, and not too many places have iced tea, so I feel that its safer.
Getting closer to our departure date, we are staying real close to "what we know we can eat", as we have gone through the gantlet of stomach issues. The whole group is tired, and so confused on what day it is..... Everyone of us have awaken to ask, "is this Thursday?". No, its only Wednesday for us. 2 more days, and we're "Leavin, on a jet plane". Again, its nice to have the experience, but there's no place like home. We will be leaving here with alot more knowledge and respect for mankind on this side of the world. The area that we are in is poverty stricken, however, everyone seems to be happy. And very family oriented. So the moral of the story, is.... " You can make it what you want." In the two weeks we've been here, I've only encountered one person on the streets begging. Not so in the US, as there seems to be one on every corner.
Glad everyone is checking on us, and Skype has made life easier for contact with my family. My mother can't go a day or two without hearing from her "Rose among the thorns". That's me!!!! Even though the 13 hour time difference I get to speak to my parents either going to bed or waking up.

I guess you really have to go away to appreciate what you have. Family, friends, home, as one of the items I can't wait to do is drive my SUV!!! Go through a drive through, ice tea, cutting my grass, go left at a light, from the turning lane!!!, go to Walmart, and..... Lay on my couch, and watch "anything I want!"

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lounging in Laos

Sabai-Dee! (Laos for Hello!) Yep, the weary travelers have arrived!!! Completely worn out with 24 hour plus travels of...."Planes, trains, and automobiles". It was exactly as such, as we have completely flown nearly half way around the world, negotiated with other nationalities to be "shuttled" from one spot to the next", just to get to where we're going. The first flight was 12 hours. The 2nd flight was the toll - as it was another 5 hour flight. All 3 heads were dropped, like a moment of silence, for about an hour or two even before the wheels even came off the ground. Arriving in Bangkok, we were extremely out of it - as chuckles sounded out through the not so populated airport on a glimpse of a sign stating the corridor to get to Krabi." Yes, I told ya.Changing our monies into Baht, Bangkok currency, to negotiate pricing to be delivered to the other domestic airport across town. All our luggage loaded, we began our travel through the city. I'm not sure, however it seems that they shut the lights out in the town, not much scenery. We did pass a building that was sparkling in the nite - it was a temple. Really cool as we couldn't determine its source of light, "Tom Bodet didn't leave any lights on." Something you wouldn't see down south. That airport had an opportunity to experience a girl down south, as we were waiting for the airport to open, I pulled out my speakers for my iPod, to start blasting Peat Low, Low, Low. Hmmmm, I can imagine the thoughts going thru those peoples mind as I was dancing to it.One last flight - just an hour - Arriving in Ubon Ratchathani we were back on our game to negotiate for not what we were expecting. It cost us 2000 Baht to be hand delivered to the Mukadan - MUUUK a dan - phonics bus station.

My first experience of European bathroom facilities in of all places - a 7 eleven. They do not have toilets!!!! It's holes in the floor with trenches all around, passing the extra expelled water through out the building and outside. (Gosh, I am truly hoping it was just the spill over of the water flowing in the Womans bathroom.) Needless to say, I took one look, and decided I really didn't have to go that bad. The sites of this country is humbling, as it is really poverty stricken. Motor peds are the main transportation. And the site of a family of four riding down the road on a motor powered bicycle, started my giggles. Its the WeeeGooo model!Now, the bus station to be transported over the border was our breaking point. Our luggage sitting out on the curb, awaiting the arrival to place under the bus. The bus pulled up, and several, it seemed like 1000 Thai ladies and men, telling the bus driver to throw their 40lb bags of rice on the bus, and other household items quickly filled up the understorage. There is no rooms for our bags!!! Now what are we gonna do. Oh did I mention that trying to tell the guy - we have to get across the border WITH our 60lb bags are just as important, and we were in line first in English got us nothing but Thai interpretation of something, but it did come with hand signals pointing to another bus across the parking lot. Oh by the way, we did buy a ticket for this adventure - what are we gonna do with it? I think we all wanted to turn around, say forget it, and go back home!!! Again Bus drivers pointing and talking in Tai, starting to cause a scene in the middle of the parking lot, the original bus driver took pity, and ended up pulling around, placing our luggage in the back of the bus. OK, now 2 redheads happy, RC just relieved, and we're headed for the border.Giving away our extra passport pictures like we were rock stars, FINALLY crossing the Friendship bridge - we are almost there! We again got to laugh, as we are standing in line to pay for our Visas, that RC realizes his pictures are in his briefcase on the bus that is already rolling across the border to await our arrival. Peggy and myself just couldn't pass up the our interpretation of "Run Forest Run". Realize its over 24 hours since we said good-bye to the US, but blessed with our international travel experience we are dropped off to find a white van with "our names printed on a piece of paper! Someone FOUND us!!!! Yeeaaahhh!Another short ride to be delivered to the property - tired, worn out, and hungry - we went to the buffet, grabbed a meal, met our constituents, and preceded to the hotel of our temporary residence. The girls have been placed in the VIP rooms - wwwhhheeewww. We quickly jumped out of our 3day travel attire to shower, and start sipping on the National Beer of choice - BeerLao. It's in a bottle the size of a fifth of alcohol, the best thang we've tasted in acouple of days.We await the arrival of our compadres to determine our dinner arrangements. (Guess who's losing weight for 2 weeks? You got it - mode of transportation now is - footsies!)Everything is hilarious now. Get ready for the next edition, potential title - Bathing in Lao!Take care everyone, and will send more later.