Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Wazzup my friends? I know this is for my travel adventures, however, someone the other day asked me, "You haven't been traveling?" Been missing your adventures. Well, I've been out on the road, but I really have missed hearing from alot of you guys, the peanut gallery comments.
Yes, went to Sands Bethworks, PA, and even up to Niagara since the last time I posted. No big funnies through the airport, or on location. Just gettin her done, quick trips.

I even have been privileged to get the official title of "Great Aunt". We all knew I am a great aunt, however my eldest niece has given us a baby boy - Braeden Emanuel. Mom, dad, and lil one are doing fine. I'm waiting for my niece to send more pictures, but you have to smile, as this is the new one on the block.......

OK, well to the other passion of my life, as all of my friends are gonna love this one. My bottled up energy has led me to have to go buy a new weed eater. OH yes, I think one of my nephews, adopted or real, that have been my yard boys this summer, believe they did not mix the oil correctly for the weed eater.

So off to LowesT I go. "I'm gonna get me a weed eater, with attachments! wheeeew. I surfaced out of the "EXIT" doors with a $308. weed eater with those nice detachable edger, and bushwhacker babies. YEAH! I'm even envying myself.
With the stress at work I picked Tuesday to try it out. I'm gonna cut the weeds behind my property. My brand new 2stroke by my side, even had a body strap, as it is quite heavier then the last, I started whackin away. Within less than my lunch hour, I had managed to "burn up this brand new weed eater". It's a Troy-bilt for gosh sakes. FURIOUS. Back to the store I go. This thang is less than 3 days old, and its broke. I want a new one!!!
The return desk Lady said, we'll replace it, go get another one. Well rounding the corner, only to discover, no 2 strokes in site. Only thang on the shelf ... a brand new 4 cylinder, top of the line Troy-bilt for my taking. Dear mother of Moses, I've hit the lottery! Quickly gathering my justifying response to the clerk, "if I have to, you can just replace it with that last one on your shelf, but it has to fit the other attachments still out in my car. " DONE, Lowe's just trying to make the customer happy. but I'm FREAKIN ESTASTIC!!!! Wow, just what I wanted the first time around, but Obama wasn't running the "Whackin weeds not your wallet" program. (I am still waiting on the "Funds for flat screens" program.)
In the last 24 hours, " I have Edged my driveway and walk, did mom and dad's house, even the curb, and also a friends yard". Yes, I like it, I love it, I want some more of it!!!
The simple thangs make us happy!!! It's great for relieving the stress, however, there is the side effects of the shakes from using that edger. It probably wasn't meant to do three driveways and sidewalks in less than two hours. Oh, its sweet. You've got to get one of your own.
Oh well, until next wacky adventures, glad I could spend some time with ya. Peace out.

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