Thursday, February 5, 2009

Motley Crew Returns to US

"We're leaving today, we're leaving today!" You would have thought it was Christmas morning... everyone even though tired, was very perky, and ready to go. Up, showered, shaved, packed, and out of the rooms before 8:am. We all know it in our hearts, "We're going home!" Even though its going to be a long travel, Agilysys employees are millering around the courtyard, trying to help their fellow team mates, with last minute items.
The White van appeared in the courtyard, and everyone started falling in line. Load the bags, hugs to the hotel staff that we have become acquainted with, and into the van we go.

The short ride to the first border - out, with passports in hand, in single file, for the first stamp to show our Visas for Laos are now marked "USED". Back in the fan, as we are officially out of Laos, and crossing no mans land to the Thailand border - only several yards away. Out, with passports in hand, in single file, for the next stamp to enter into Thailand. Yeah, we're getting closer. Standing in the staging area, as Border patrol is practicing their search and seizure procedures. NOW, the knot in the stomach quickly forms, as we're informed - the driver cannot pass into Thailand. We're stuck!!! Yep, quickly foundling for the disposable phones - they don't work!!! We can't call back to anyone for assistance. The van driver is running back and forth between the check points, and talking on his cell phone, there is nothing we can do.
Now, the flashback of the early training sessions, just steps away are playing through our minds. All we have is souvenirs, and tired worn out bodies. That's it. Does the words "Midnight Express" mean anything to you??? That was on continuous replay through our minds.
You can tell the first indication of being scared, as we are very quiet, not speaking to one another, just watching our driver bounce back and forth like a tennis match in person. Finally the other white knights in the distance appear, as they are the other drivers manager coming to bail him out. It seems that he didnot have the proper paperwork to cross the border. Whheew, now the driver is shooting us a thumbs up, as it seems to have been resolved. We're all feeling better. Finally back into the van, we are moving to our first drop off - Ubon. A real hotel!!! And Western Food!!! Cheezburger, cheezburger!!!
The team is ready to get to our prospective homes. We know its going to be a long trip, and we start splitting up in Bangkok, but for now - we are all smiles!

Oh the lessons we have learned during these 2 weeks. The 7 of us have been real close, like family. We have experienced another culture, and have gained great respect for the people we have worked with. A project that everyone has worked hard for 3 weeks to make this a success! Language barriers was the hardest for me. As everyone knows - I haven't spoke "True English" in years!!! Ya'll was the hardest to take out - as slang does not translate. I worked hard, and at the end of the day, well 2 days of troubleshooting class - it seems to have paid off. We'll see.
Take care everyone, and we'll catch you on the next trip

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Kevin said...

i wonder how you say data area in Laotian? Glad your home i wish i could of gone with you guys!