Monday, August 16, 2010

21's in Los Wages

It began like any normal flying day, but this time was alittle different.... "I was on Vacation!"... oh yeah, and Had 5 twenty-one year olds with me.. This was not normal!!!
Up and at em' 4:30am on a Monday morning. Shower, and pack, ready to go to Las Vegas!!! Now, I have been on numerous occasions, but this time packing my nearest and dearest to my heart, what was I going to do with them? My usual activities were going to be somewhat curtailed...

Everyone at the airport, now I am in charge of these girls, I do my count, 1,2,3,4,5... all there... Time to board the plane, 1,2,3,4,5... all on. All smiles, and happy!!! 35mins into the flight... I turned to check and see if someone snuck out... "All crashed out!!! 1,2,3,4,5!" Ha, I think to myself - this is going to be a breeze!

Gpt to Memphis, then on to LAS.. wow, tour director status becomes alittle to juggle. "I want food", "I don't want this, I'm going to find another place to eat", "where is the Starbucks?" ok, now I'm looking for my xanax, for gosh sakes, its only 7:30am in the mornin!!! ( I don't function well, until my 3.5 cups of cheap, generic roasted beans that produce caramel colored juice we call coffee, and only for $2.00..) One run to "The Blue Note" to burn one, then multiple stops at other venues, Starbucks, etc. Surely I couldn't lose them in the Memphis airport...hmmmm....
Headed rapidly to the gate, I evidently pass up the 1,2,3,4,5 as I hear "all zones boarding" over the PA system.... Smart kids, they are so excited, they have already loaded onto the plane. ... Good. Thinking to myself, all is well, as I am seated in first class, grab a bloody Mary and forget about them for 4 hours... I was oh, so wrong!!!I My cell rings,, great its Rachel - she has my laptop, so I need to know what seats they are in. WAIT!,... "Do you know where your laptop is?" starts the conversation.....this isn't a prank call ..... they are still outside, waiting to board the plane! Crud, I've already misplaced them, and its not even 9:am....
Touchdown! We are in the land of Lost Wages... very excited, first thang on the list, "gotta go to the sign. The famous sign"... never went before, cuz I KNEWW where I was... but hey tourist events... loading up the suburban, we're off!!! Vegas here we come. Our Hall monitor, Ashley, already organized brochures when getting into the room, quick drop off, and out the door the kids go. They have found a bus that drops at about 16 casino attractions. The only way I knew their where abouts was refreshing Facebook! These kids are uploading pics left and right... seeing the smiles, they've only been here for 4 hours, the smiles were priceless!!
Gambling, sightseeing, roll a coasters, pictures with Elvis and the Broadway ram diction of "The Lion King" was in their folio. These 5 young ladies packed in alot for 3 days! I wouldn't have traded the world to be in the vacation seat I was in. Watching these young ladies faniggle their monies, getting the most out of there time was truly priceless! Some people say I am crazy, but hey, I can say it was one of the best times in Vegas I experienced in awhile.
I got to see several friends while in town. Sushi with Becky and Amy! Great pick you ladies, and had a blast. Hope you enjoyed dinner with the clan. Another visit, Lu met me at the hotel for drinks. Coming through the lobby, I see her and she is holding a bag for me! A PRESENT! A big bag for a little happy that was inside. I almost went to tears, as I open the bag, in a little zip lock is something that I thought I would never see again. A baseball hat from the "Dizzy Dolphin" complete with surfboard stirrers... bright YELLOW( a conversion done at AC Hilton)... matches from.. I couldn't believe it... "Grand Casino", same logo pin. These items I thought lost forever destroyed by the storm! What a gift!!!

A nice evening catching up, and cacklin' about old times. Yes thangs have changed, we have lived and grown through these experiences! (More grown out for me!)
No hairy moments, just fun, but mom's, I am bringing them home, BEAT!!! Up and at em' Thursday morning, instructions be in the lobby at 9:am. All there, loaded into the vehicle we're out of there! Dropping off the rental, we are now on bus to the airport, and I can see them all.... the faces, small smiles, and heavy eyes... yep, they are gonna sleep good tonite!
Over the next few days, they come and go, hearing the laughing outside on the porch, the stories they are telling to their friends.... yep, they had a fun time....
I'm just waiting for the statement.... "and where are we going next year?".
One statement can depict this trip... " A good time was had by all!"

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Superbowl MardiGras Singapore Mambo - Hell Freezeth Over!

Alright you Saints fans and believers we DID IT! 43 years, and we are now known as the Goodwill Ambassadors. Pretty soon Ya’ll will be printed in the Webster’s dictionary. Are ya’ll still HIGH? I am!!! Still! The neighborhood will never be the same. Just that my neighbors would be happy to know, I blew off All my big fireworks after the game.

Last week headed to the Bahamas, I wore my Saints shirt proudly!!! Wrong move. if you want to sleep during your flights, or have a solitary cigarette, “Don’t wear a Saints shirt the day after Super Bowl through a crowded airport”. Oh, it was all good. Even kids were shooting me the “thumbs up” as I trotted down the corridors. Could have been a lot worse, I could have been a Colts fan. (keeheehee) It was a real quickie down in the Bahamas, as I headed back to “down South” Thursday. Getting ready for Mardi Gras. The Gulfport parade was great. The OMG crew was back together again. Parade over, beads heavily hanging from the neck, we headed to the house for the Shrimp boil!! Everyone seemed to have a good time.

Now, getting back to Hades at 6:30am. Back on a plane Thursday headed to Singapore, we are literally stuck at the wondrous Gpt/Biloxi Regional International Airport. If it wasn’t for the one woman show at “Delta, Delta, Delta, may I help you, help ya, help ya counter.”, one lady getting out 2 planes 30 mins apart, and oh by the way, did I mention she wore the hat of “luggage Dept.”, and oh, a new department – De-icing Department. I would not lie to you.
Yes we are down south, and we are awaiting to be “de-iced” to start our flight. So at 8:am, we have taken so long to get ready, the De-icier broken, we are faced with the wings into the sun, to get mother nature to help us along. Another freak of nature, and I BELIEVE it was due to the Saints, as many people have said for many, many years, the Day the Saints win the Super bowl, hell will freeze over…. Well Gulfport was feeling the effects, and it wasn’t from that rodent up north!

31 hours, almost all of flight time, to get around the world to 88 degree muggy weather. It was quite funny to read the Immigration card, as it said “Death to Drug Traffickers”. Wow, what a direct statement. I am just wondering what do they do with someone that have entered into the country with contraband – 9 packs of cigarettes. Sorry mom! Oh I tried to declare them, and went to the Red Line at customs. That led me right out the front door, so I just jumped in a cab to head to the hotel. Don’t worry, they will be gone as it will be a hectic week.

We have had many discussions on the “Laws of Singapore” – chewing gum is one of them. The international expert cab driver has confirmed, it’s legal to carry it in, I just can’t resell. This is a good thang. A good sleep, thanks to my Xanax’s I’m ready to venture out of the room and check out the sites. To all of those constituents’ of our Laos travel, snickers were in order, as one of my stop over’s was in Narita Tokyo. The European “holes in the floor” – hey toothpick! OK, maybe I was delirious with not enough sleep, but it seems I can’t remember where the smoking lounges are in the Atlanta airport, but walked right to the one in this airport. In the midst of burnin’ one, 20 hours since the last one, an Asian accent over the loudspeaker announcing the Delta flight 619 ready for boarding at Gate 25, then came the worse, “The S word followed by my last name to report to Gate 25 for departure”…. Under my breath stating “I’ll be there once I finish smoking this cigarette”. Imagine me, “Internationally known”. Thank goodness they are watching out for me. A much better plane – A330 – I now have my own TV in the headrest. The last plane, well let me just say, it was like camping. Bring your own stuff. No nice little bag with ear plugs, face mask, or the cute little toothbrush with the small tube of toothpaste! Don’t you worry, I was packin my own, the little girl scout I am.

I ask that my friends back home, if you get a chance, just give my parents a buzz, as I do talk to my parents several times during the day. I never fixed the wireless router, and she does not, or won't check email. Give them my love. I am wanting to send a post card, and have my Forever stamps with me. Then giggled as I am sure those Forever stamps aren’t going to work over here. Guess I should have purchased the “Anywhere” Stamps.

Peace out until next time.