Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Redneck Chronicles - Back HOME

Alright, I want to poll the audience, ...." Am I a morning person?" The final answer should be big unanimous, NO! I had to extend my stay in AC an extra day - "had to get er' done", and the only 2 flights left were a 5:15am, NEVER in a million years!!!! and a 7:25am flight out Friday. Man, I'll take it. Knowing I would have to leave Atlantic City at like 4:am to get to Philadelphia, turn in the car, etc. I elected to drive on to Philadephia the night before and stay by the airport. Finally getting home around 3:pm Friday, I was dead tired.

But the most exciting news for me, I had full intentions of getting the "twins charged up", as one needs to have the battery surgically removed, and replaced, and getting my self on them for a ride round the bayou. No splashy of the water, as last time I looked, it was 62 degrees. Now, you think the air temperature is somewhat bearable, stick your toe in water of that temperature.... its Freezin! Well Saturday, I had my pot full of coffee to kick start my brain, and begin the illusion of 'its not that cold out there'. One battery completely replaced and charged, it was time to hook them up. To my surprise, NOW the other battery was dead. Well, at least I can get them gassed up, oiled up, while waiting on the other new battery to charge. This done, jet ski preparation, $200. and still have not hit the water.
Easter Day came, and all batteries charged, all I have to do is find time to 'sneak away from the family festivities...... I found my spot, and bolted....
The site of the jetskiis sliding off the trailer into the water..... PRICELESS!
The maiden voyage out only last approximately an hour, but oh what fun! I did stop and take a moment of silence at "Franks' buoy" - (purchased during a 'top flight fly by' the No Wake Zone pier and being apprehended by the BMR about 3 years ago) - then continued on through the Bayou. Now, just how much did that cost ya, Frank?
With my legs partially purple, the twins happy, 'my twin brother happy' - his first run on the jetskiis, and me just grinnin ear to ear, now that's what makes life WONDERFUL!
Until the next edition..... over and out!

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