Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Redneck Chronicles - Go East Young Lady!

Well, well, well, I'm back at it again... The newest of my adventures sends me to ..... ATLANTIC CITY!! On the Boardwalk!!!
My first flight out of Gulfport in quite some time. Boy the airport has changed... for the GOOD! After working practically all day, I head off to the airport for a nice cocktail and smoke in their newly remodeled lounge, NOT! They have decided to become politically correct, and ban that extra curricular activity to save the environment, and ourselves from ourselves! Oh well,let's start the countdown, as I have not had a cigarette for approximately 45 mins., and am starting to jones as I will not smoke again until Philadelphia. hmmmm.

Its 80 degrees in Gulfport, and I am enjoying,as I have decided to wear shorts for my travel, but am toting a sweatshirt. Headed through security, the young TSA agent hands me a bin with a brief case and states " please put this through with your items". The look on my face brought on additional explanation that this is a training exercise. Did someone forget to tell him, I'm running late as it is, and need to board this flight???? We all know what is fixin to happen, it sets off the buzzer, causing several people to gather around the machine, and all of my trays have not made it through.... stopped for 'training purposes'. Vocalizing my short time for my departure, on a better look, I notice they have not made it to the other tray, its my laptop case they are looking at, crap, just what did I leave in there.

Finally making my way through the wide blue yonder to Philadelphia, we land, and the weather is .....36 degrees!!!! I can feel the cold air through the bulkhead. And trying to get my luggage from the overhead, another passenger thinks she can get through me...!!!??? Yeah, right. The moment overcame me and I announced to all the individuals behind me, I'm big, and if I were a boat, she would have scraped the 'barnacles off me'!! No southern hospitality, definitely. Snickers came from the back, as maybe it was funny, or they are agreeing I'm pleasantly plump.... who knows.
Driving to Atlantic City, should be there around midnite.

If I don't send out another update, everyone don't O D on chocolate, and have a Happy Easter!!

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Kevin said...

I love it, and your twins are gorgeous! Welcome to the blogosphere!