Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Well, its been a very busy end of last week, and beginning of this week, heck the last 3 weeks. I transported myself to Vicksburg to hang out at a new casino/hotel opening. Being so close to the "Delta", I rented a car and terrorized the highways in between. It was nice seeing an old friend up there. Well, the little huzzy lived and worked down on the coast, but hauled bootie up north. It would get her closer to her family, as their on the other side of Memphis. That's ok, I've always enjoyed her when we worked via Sleezlers.

The day started out mighty early, as I hit the road to avoid the traffic jam. Wow, its been awhile since I've "driven to work!" 3 1/2 hours later I'm driving down a hill right next to the Mississippi River at what seems like a 90 degree angle. Hmmm, this won't be pretty in the winter time for cars, but GREAT for toboggans!!!!

The place is definitely under construction, and they are rushing to meet their opening date. Many of us have been there, and have seen a property transform in little less than 8 hours, so this could still be on schedule.... Up the parking garage I drive, wow, only 3 levels, and I'm right on the top. I've got a great view of the river. The fun is about to begin; it seems that the elevator is not working! So down the stairs I go with a 40lb laptop bag. (Gosh, I hope the handle "hangs on") In freshly shined penny loafers, I meet my next obstacle, Mississippi Mud!..... stepping over caution tape, I finally make it to the front door. (Don't look down, cuz the loafers look like you just went mud boggin! I actually ruined a washcloth in the hotel room just trying to get the mud off)

OK, I'm here, now let's get down to business. I rounded the corner to find the next obstacle..... the elevator in the casino area doesn't work either. Just a hint, NONE of the elevators are working. So up the stairs I go with my weights attached. Burning fat grams at a rapid rate of speed. Man, no one said there I was going for the exercise course. Oh yeah!

Needless to say, the property opened without a hitch, as there was people blocking my car in the parking lot, awaiting in line to be one of the First Lucky individuals, at 4:40pm, as I drove away from the property. Headed to a family function - my niece is getting married!!!! Yes, little Rebecca is marrying her high school sweetheart in "their hometown - Tampa". All of my close friends that have been given the privilege to access the near and dears to my heart, my eldest niece. All of the immediate family is headed to Fla. I arrive in Tampa airport to locate the rent a car. Yes, no expense spared, I'm pimping in an Escalade! Thank goodness for my business travels that has allowed me to be upgraded. And upgraded I was. These thangs are SWWWEEEETTTT!

I got to the hotel to await the arrival of my parents, and my sister-in-law with the other two siblings. Hmmmm, in the back part of my mind, I have an idea where we're going for dinner...... Ryan seems to be infatuated with The Cheesecake factory. (On our last visit of 3 days, we ate there 3 times, with a to go order for the plane.)

I'm getting acquainted with the back seats of the Escalade, as Steve is driving. Hmmm, the rental car comes complete with a chauffeur! Its beginning to become a nice trip for me, as it seems I can just provide the vehicle, and be taken anywhere I want to go. The next two days are kinda a blurr. Last minute items that need attention. The special hour is approaching fast.

All decked out, the Alston family is not ready for what we are about to attend. The church - St. Raphael's' Catholic church is right on an inlet from the coast. Gosh its absolutely gorgeous!!!! Turning into the parking lot, I caught a glimpse of an angel and tears filled my eyes. Oh my gosh, its my niece in her wedding dress in front of the church. She is absolutely stunning! Every memory of that moment brings tears to my eyes! Happy tears of course. Maybe its the realization that she is all grown up. I am so gloating, as I do have a hand in this young, beautiful, smart young woman. Flashbacks of Mayday Pole celebrations, cheerleading outfits in Elementary school, Halloween costumes, her first Mardi Gras event - and many more after that. Lots of Christmas's have just flashed before me within seconds. Yep, proud Aunt Kaye Kaye has realized, she is all grown up!!! And the young man she is marrying. Absolutely wonderful. He has been in our family for many years, and we have seen him transcend as well. From the baggy pants hanging below his boxer shorts, (traveling 6pack attire) wild hair in high school to a proud member of the US Coast Guard. He has experienced defending our country, as a stint overseas to help our fellow Americans keep peace in the world beyond the US. (yeah can you tell I'm a very proud Aunt. And hope they are as proud to be "kin to me" as I am of them)

The wedding and the reception were absolutely wonderful. All of the anticipation, has led to a wonderful event! Well worth the time and effort. These kids are lucky, as for some reason they have been upgraded as well on their cruise for their honeymoon. Evidently a suite on the boat that they will be living for 7 days. Can't wait to see the pictures, however Steve has sent a pic flix to my cell phone of a quick shot. Man, it looks nice!

Flying home on a Sunday, repacking, as I'm headed back out. Next stop - IOWA. 4 letters, 3 syllables'. Will be out for 5 days, and just wondering how long its gonna take me to re-coup, rest, so I can get into some mischief. Hmmmm, not long! Butt crack of dawn flight, yeah, I'll be in rare form. Security dance time. Hasn't the TSA agent ever seen an ACE bandage on someone's foot? You would think not. Well it seems that Gulfport TSA percentage of males is higher than females. I get to watch other individuals moving in and out of the area, as I get to "sit" in the middle of the class. "Hey, I don't mind if a guy runs his hand on my lower calf".. I guess that's unacceptable at the airport. (Not in my book, but hey, that's the way it goes) Finally through security, and headed to departure gate, its a reunion of travelers. Running into a friend as we travel northward. Memphis we will split up, but its great chatting and catching up quickly. I quickly adjust in my seat, and lights out for 52 mins.until wheels down. Sleeping while on the job. keeheehee.

I'm in Iowa on the river, and remember the last time at this property, a complete conversion, but a distinctive memory comes to mind...... "they have all the fixins for a RUM SMASH!" Whheeew weeew! And excellent fried green tomatoes with crab meat. Yeah. It's gonna be pretty good. I found out Tuesday, the mixins' are there for libations, however "They've removed the fried green tomatoes!" They were the best thang on the menu. Disappointed, but not for long. The next couple of days are a blurr, as long hours, but working toward the finish line, "Time to go Home!" And to top it off, I'm getting sick. In the back of my mind, I can hear alittle whiny voice, "I want my mommy!" Yes, still a big kid! Sickness is not in my book! We have gone through the elections for the president, thank goodness its over! Now, we can start on the marathon re-runs of HOUSE! The only thang that I keep wondering, is "What kind of puppy is gonna be at the White House?" That thought, and oh, by the way, its gonna start snowing in Iowa Friday..... gotta get out of there fast! I'm still a southern girl at heart. We have white stuff, and we call it Sand! AND you can wash it away with the water hose.
PEACE OUT until Next time!

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