Thursday, December 11, 2008

On the go, on the go, to the Snow....

Thanksgiving over with, and feeling like the Stuffed turkey we had for the event, off to the frozen tundra I go. Leaving out on a Sunday, and arriving into what I was going to see for the next 4 days - WHITE STUFF!
I landed in Illinois to be quickly reminded, Not enough protection, its bleepin snowing!!!! And snowing big flakes!!!! Headed to the property, I encountered a slick patch of ice, that brought me back to my defensive driving days in St.Louis - SLOW DOWN! Speed Kills, literally.
I was fast to deliver myself from the snowy covered parking lot to inside the warmest place that I have been in for at least an hour - a SMOKELESS Casino/Hotel! Oh yeah, no smoking, and IF you need to burn one, you have to step outside, 15 feet from the doorways to fire up - Illinois law!!!!!! Humbug! The days seems to pass quickly, as work, work, work - to get this casino open, as I have bigger fish to fry - My Birthday Party Extravaganza!!!!
All went off without a hitch, however, I was sited in the high dollar Steakhouse my last nite there, bellowing out,.....are you ready???.... "I wanta hippopatamus for Christmas!".... only a hippopotamus will Do!" Yes, as you might have suspected, they had all the mixins for the infamous Rum Smashes. AND to top it off, the bartenders birthday was also the 6th! Two same day Sagittarius's in the same area - lucky everybody! She egged me on!

My most memorable experience was headed to the airport, at 4:30am, bleepin cold - 6 degrees, windchill 1!, and meeting with the announcement that "there was no power on the jet bridge for the plane to warm up, so put on your coats, and we'll load you up. By the time we get on the runway, it should be warming up. " NOT! Sitting in the freezin aluminum beer can they call a plane, blowing smoke rings down the runway. (Just what is the temperature of the air, that you can see your breath? Trivia question)
Now I was awaken from a sound sleep, 25mins before landing, to have the flight attendant state, "The water lines have unfrozen, would you still like that cup of coffee?" Hmmm, such a hard decision. Dreaming and making a list of all the items that need to be addressed before Saturday - I sat up and started pumping the hot liquid gold we all love and adore, trying to keep up with my thoughts. Making it home, happy, but dead tired, Hey, its getting closer time for the PARTY! Just so all of ya'll are aware - my twin brother turned 46 Saturday, I'm a year younger!!!! Don't ask, but it seems that after Katrina, I lost a year. (Of course I lost more than that, but if this is the only noticeable symptom from that, its all good.)

People came from near and far, to assist on what turned out to be a great Party! Now just how do you know this. Well, if the police show up to your party more than once, then you know you've had a good one! The band played for a few hours, and it wasn't head banger music. All the oldies that you catch yourself singing to on the radio going down the road. The band was FABULOUS! Just wish they could have played longer. But, might I say, a good time was Had by ALL! The band was shut down, but people still kept coming, and God Bless Clinton Edelen, as he was the Master Chef - 80llbs of leg quarters, and cooking in the dark, was his new claim to fame! He did it, and nicely done as I might add!!! I am sure the neighbors are relieved, but probably wondering what might be up my sleeve for next year.........??!!! We'll see.

And as we are in the holiday, here's what I am offering to ya'll...... "Remember the reason for the season, and GIVE.... give your time, as this is the most priceless gift that a loved one could ever receive!" Give memories of laughter and joy! Give a hello to someone you don't know, give a smile to someone that might need something to smile about! No store can sell this, that's what makes it special!
Happy holidays my friends!!!!! Until next time..... Peace, love, and Joy!!!!!!

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Kevin said...

No smoking hotel! where do they think they are Atlantic City! Heck even they changed that because of the economy.

God Bless Us, Every One!